Clarification for EXP Changes on August 9

  • 11 Aug, 2017
  • I know there has been some confusion with the changes to our EXP bonuses and I am here to give an explanation. In order to help our newer players catch up, we have made some adjustments. The EXP bonuses are calculated based off a variety of factors: Character level, EXP reserves, and Talent EXP.

    The lower your character level is compared to the server level, the greater the bonus, the same calculation applies if your character is above the server level (which shouldn't happen anymore, as the server level is at the cap of 45)

    If you have a large amount of EXP reserves and your Character Level is still below the server level, it is a consideration for the calculation of the buff percentage until the EXP reserves has been depleted.

    Your total Talent EXP, including the Talent EXP earned from converting EXP, is considered for the calculation as well. The more Talent EXP you have earned compared to the actual maximum Path level of the server is used in this calculation.

    In essence, the closer you are to the possible maximum of Character Level and Talent EXP For the maximum Path level, the lower your EXP Buff, and a possible penalty.

    There is an error message that appears if you are reaching the possibility of a penalty, and it will warn you as such.

    We know players have had a strategy of locking their character level and dumping the EXP to Talent EXP to level their Paths. This system helps ensure that players who are new can catch up to the more veteran players, but at the same time, make sure that when the players are catching up they do not pass the veteran players in total Talent EXP.

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